Trooper Lu's Garage is pleased to announce that we now supply Legend Racing Cars for legendary Australians!

What is a Legend Car?

Legend Cars are 5/8-scale fibreglass replicas of American vehicles from the 1930s and 1940s. In 1992 the first Legend Car was unveiled in the US. Since then, the world has come to love this fun and affordable class of racing, promising an adrenaline rush like no other! Legend Cars are focused on safety. The cars are built with durable bodies and other recent advances in safety technologies. The innovation of wrap-around seats in Legend Cars keeps drivers well protected from damage in the event of a crash.

Legend Car Racing is one of the fastest-growing segments of motorsports today. Drivers are classified into four different divisions, making Legend Cars racing an experience that is accessible to everyone. And now Trooper Lu’s Garage is excited to bring that adrenaline rush to Australia!
Worldwide motorsports are soaring in popularity, and Legend Car racing has become a rapidly growing area of this industry. Australia is certainly not getting left behind, with an amazing line up of legend race cars for drivers to choose from at Trooper Lu’s Garage.

Legend Car Racing is for Everyone​

We understand that family is everything, and Legend Car Racing can be enjoyed by everyone, young and old! That’s why we want to grow the popularity of Legend Car Racing in Australia by offering an affordable and easy way to get involved and experience the joy of this rapidly growing motorsport. Legend Car Racing is a family-friendly sport, and we are excited to drive Legend Car racing into the future together with you!

Asphalt Races are being run at venues such as SMSP, Wakefield Park, Winton and Morgan Park, and we also have races happening on Dirt ( With the NEW MT09 powered cars slowly being integrated into Dirt, currently limited to the XJR1300cc cars until 2023 for points score) Raced at tracks such as, but not limited to, Eastern Creek Raceway, Lismore, Act Speedway, Toowoomba, Bunbury, Warrnambool (Just to name a few) throughout the year, there’s an event for everyone that will have the whole family pumped with excitement.

2021 07 20 16 01 07 172 Driving a 10000 rpm inline 3 Legend Car at Castelletto Circuit OnBoard
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What Legend Cars do we have on offer?

We’ve got a great range of cars coming straight from the USA including a ’37 Chevy Sedan, ’34 Chevy Coupe, ’37 Ford Sedan and a ’34 Ford Coupe. We can help you choose, and we are ready to assist future buyers and current owners alike with all your Legend Car needs. All of our Legend Cars come in white fibreglass with a black painted frame. Registered and Log booked in conjunction with INEX the parent body of Legend Cars worldwide. These cars are direct from the USA and are fully sealed INEX VIN plated cars.

What are the specifications of the Legend Cars?


All Legend Cars (as standard) are fitted with:

Part Specification
320.4 cm
Yamaha Mt09 water cooled Fuel Injected inline 3 cylinder (sealed) (Previously XJR1300 Air Cooled Carbureted inline 4 cylinder)
6 speed Manual gearbox with sequential shift.
567kg with driver (weight added for lighter drivers to maintain parity)
125hp ( 93kw)
Controlled Tyres for Road OR Dirt – Expect close to one Season from one set of tyres
Width: 7" / Diameter: 13"
Coil-Over with Bilstein Shocks
Full Tubeframe with Integral Rollcage
Five or Six -Point

This creates a genuine ready to race package off the showroom floor.

Start Your Engines

Legend Car Spares are affordable and Trooper Lu’s Garage will be keeping supply and stock of all consumable parts to make maintaining your Legend Car a breeze. A one-stop online shop is also in development so that you can order any necessary part for your car with ease, from the comfort of home!

Do you dream of racing Legend Cars?

The Trooper Lu’s Garage team has the experience needed to get you out on the track, and we’ve never been more ready to make it happen! If you’ve always wanted to race a Legend Car but didn’t know where to start, Trooper Lu’s Garage can help make the process so easy! We are your expert Legend Car stockist in Australia. We’ve simplified the process so you can understand costs and we will work with you to set up financing.

Shipping Australia wide, we offer an affordable way to get out on that track! We are excited to be involved in this growing industry as the entire team have a passion for motorsport in any capacity. With Legend Cars boasting Yamaha engines, this was a winning combination, as the Trooper Lu team are Yamaha through and through!

What do I need to get started?

It’s never been easier to get involved in motorsport. All that is required for Racing is a current National Racing Licence, INEX Membership, race numbers and personal safety equipment. The cars are also customisable, with a great list of optional extras should you wish to personalise your vehicle! Discounts are available for Legend Car Racers through approved outlets on presentation of a current INEX membership card. Get in touch and our staff will guide and support you through this process, and you’ll be track ready in no time!

Taking Legend Car Racing By Storm

Legend Cars Australia and Trooper Lu’s Garage have their sights set on growing the sport and are ready to offer unmatched service and advice to help anyone who wants to race to get out on the track! We’re incredibly excited to be involved in Legend Car racing and can’t wait for the first Legend Cars from Trooper Lu’s Garage to hit the track. Our aim is simple: We want everyone to enjoy Legend Car racing, and we guarantee that Trooper Lu’s Garage will bring this exciting sport to the next level in Australia. From managing events, supplying products and all the other extensive projects required to run a National Race series on both Tar and Dirt.

Contact us today to experience the excitement Legend Car racing can bring! We at Trooper Lu’s Garage are more than equipped to help meet all your Legend Car maintenance needs. Just contact one of our specialists today or come down and see us at Trooper Lu’s Garage or at one of the events we support, so that you can discover what Legend Car racing is all about!

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Trooper Lu's Garage – Legendary Customer Service

Trooper Lu’s Garage in Sydney is now officially a Legend Car Retail Outlet! For the first time in the history of Legend Cars, new Legend Cars will be sold alongside Yamaha motorcycles and Side x Side vehicles.

Proudly Australian, Trooper Lu’s Garage is a family-owned and run business. The owners Justin and Simone, have unrivalled experience in the motorcycle industry. With humble beginnings in their home garage in 2008, to a nationally recognised Yamaha dealer with an extensive list of achievements and accolades with a focus on superior customer service. As a retired police officer, Justin believes in doing things right and making the sales process one that is focused on customer satisfaction.

Feel the adrenaline...

Prices start at $29,990

Finance options available

Stock levels will vary and these are direct from the USA and are fully sealed INEX cars. Don’t miss this chance to get involved in the fastest growing motorsport in Australia!

The future of Legend Car Racing in Australia has never looked more legendary!

Fill in the form below or call (02) 9602 3773 to contact the team.